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Challenges since COVID

The challenges faced were supporting people with disabilities and long term health conditions, who are experiencing hardship and isolation due to the current pandemic, and in need of advice, support and companionship. Equipment to be loaned to clients.

How you've helped so far…

The funding has enabled us to provide much needed support to people with disabilities and long term health conditions, who have been experiencing distress, hardship and isolation due to the Covid19 pandemic.

This has involved maintaining a help line to receive requests for information and advice and people requiring social contact and reassurance at a difficult and stressful time.  We have provided support and advice on a wide range of issues including accessing welfare benefits, Council benefits, health and social services and provision of local community help.  We have recently recruited an additional person to meet the demand for support, and continue with the consent of clients to undertake home visits, as some enquiries require face to face contact.

Many who have been self isolating or shielding have experienced loneliness and loss of self confidence and we have established online social groups to provide online contact with others together with a variety of activities, quizzes games etc.  We have provided equipment at no cost to those who were without I.T. facilities to participate, and continue to carry out maintenance and repairs without charge to people experiencing I.T. problems.

Why we still need your support…

People with disabilities and long term health conditions do still need support, as due to an atmosphere of fear, many are afraid to go out following the lifting of restrictions.  Due to the protection of the NHS, many have difficulty accessing health services, have had specialist appointment cancelled, and consultation with G.P.’s limited to telephone calls.  There are ongoing delays in communications with DWP, which are detrimental to the mental health and well being of people with disabilities and add to the stress and anxiety of living with a medical condition and the pandemic.

Although the severity of measures introduced during lockdown may have been relaxed, the acute need for help and support from vulnerable people in the community has not declined and is likely to remain for the foreseeable future.

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