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Challenges since COVID

We are currently delivering food to the most vulnerable children and families in Aberdeen living in SIMD 1 & 2 locations. We know of this need as during school time we work with these kids on our partner schools programme and they partake in our Breakfast clubs and Footie Tea programmes. These are all children who are entitled to free school meals. As schools are now closed these vulnerable families need support and currently we are delivering food parcels to them.

Currently we are sourcing affordable food through a partnership with the charity CFINE and we deliver these food parcels to those in need 5 days a week. We are also running a calling campaign to call people from SIMD area to check in on their well being and to offer our support. This has led to a huge growth in requests for support. To date we have delivered over 800 food parcels supporting over 3,500 people of which over 2,000 of these are vulnerable children. we have also made over 6,000 well being calls to check in and support those people in lock down and isolation. It has been clear from our current operation that the demand is far bigger that what we currently meet and we need to secure additional funding to maintain our current deliveries and to help others currently on a waiting list.

We currently support Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire and we have delivered to areas as close to us as Mastrick all the way up to Macduff. We have targeted to make over 12,000 call to support peoples wellbeing and we hope in the next 10 weeks to deliver an additional 1,000 food parcels. Additional funding would not only maintain our current levels but also allow us to increase our number of deliveries.

How you've helped so far…

The Lord Provost Hardship Fund has played a huge role in AFCCT being able to provide food parcels to the most vulnerable people in Aberdeen. Our campaign has only been a success due to the amazing response we have had from the local public and organisations such as the Lord Provost Hardship fund. This funding we received played a pivotal role in us achieving the below statistics during lockdown:

Why we still need your support…

Due to the huge support in funding for food (which we have ringfenced) our biggest challenge is the funding of the coordination and also delivery costs of the programme. With the large amounts of our funding ringfenced for food parcels, we worked very hard to be resourceful and have a volunteer led programme. With volunteers now returning to work after being furloughed we now need to focus on having our fulltime staff along with the available volunteers provide the coordination and delivery of the programme to ensure a cost effective operation.

The support we received from the Lord Provost Hardship Fund was crucial in allowing us to respond to the community’s needs quickly. Without this support we would never have reached over 12,000+ people with 2,500 food parcels.” AFCCT CEO Liz Bowie

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