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Challenges since COVID

Since mid-March we have faced a 900% increase in applications for very basic essentials such as formula milk, baby food, nappies, toiletries and clothes. The families we support are financially vulnerable, many are people from marginalised groups and in particular women and children fleeing domestic abuse, where we have seen a particularly disturbing increase in referrals.  
As a direct result of Covid-19 many have experienced a loss of income due to furlough or redundancies and, along with delays in receiving benefits those who were already vulnerable are now seeking additional support. In many cases families have simply been unable to cope with the increase in their household bills due to the long period of time spent in their homes.  
Being in need of basic essentials puts parents and carers under immense strain and can send families into negative spirals, if they are left to cope alone. By helping to relieve this pressure we can increase the chances of a positive start for infants, encourage more positive family relationships and stronger families and help reduce the chances of mental health issues both now at this very difficult period of time and in the future.  

How you've helped so far…

AberNecessities received £11,292to support 200 disadvantaged families. They provided 120 families with packs of nappies to last for 2weeks, 60 tins of formula milk, 120 bags of toiletries for under 5s and170 packs of new underwear and socks.

The incredibly generous Grant award of £6692 from Lord Provost’s Charitable Trust Hardship Fund afforded us the ability to help hundreds of disadvantaged families with the essential and basic necessities that no child should go without.  The grant was used to provide 446 babies and toddlers with nappies, formula milk and baby and toddler food.

"Thank you for everything you do to help those who need it, without judgement.  With a special additional thank you for continuing in this current situation." Tracy, Aberdeen
"Thank you all so very much for the hard work and thought put in to providing for our recent referrals.  You are all very much appreciated and clearly go above and beyond!" Social Worker, Aberdeenshire

"A mum who received essential items from AberNecessities was overjoyed and overwhelmed with what you put together for her and her twins. She was so delighted she phoned the Social worked to say how happy she was. This is all thanks to you guys who make dreams come true for those who normally go without. Can't thank you enough."  Child Practitioner, Aberdeen

“I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, wow I was genuinely overwhelmed with everything they gave us and I want to promise them as soon as I’m on my feet I will donate to them as thanks”. Mother, Aberdeenshire

Why we still need your support…

This is a time of great uncertainty. COVID-19 has changed the way we work, with travel bans, a skeleton crew of volunteers, and social distancing we have found it challenging however,  our incredible team have risen to the challenge and embraced this as the new norm for the moment.  Some families are in need more than ever and with the help of NERVS (North East Rider Volunteers Scotland) we have been able to deliver items, including urgent requests for baby formula directly to the doors of the families we are supporting.  This will continue for the foreseeable future to ensure that families can get the items they desperately need as soon as possible.
We operate the only ‘baby bank’ in Aberdeen and with many charities and charity shops remaining closed or not fully operational and the food banks working to capacity with both restricted manpower and resources there is a greater need than ever for the basic essentials that we provide to families
We are also currently unable to fundraise at the moment and so are relying heavily on the generosity of donations from the public, organisations and our corporate sponsors to ensure we can keep providing the basic essentials that no child should go without.

We are humbled by the generosity of this city. The Grant given to us by Lord Provost’s Charitable Trust Hardship Fund has allowed us to respond quickly and efficiently to over 400 babies and toddlers in need by providing them with the basic essentials that no child should go without. In what is an extremely challenging time for us all, funding such as this is truly invaluable. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you AberNecessities Founder, Danielle Flecher-Horn

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