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Challenges since COVID

The challenges were that we work with families who are newly diagnosed with a child with cancer, leukemia or cancer related illnesses.

There are many additional expenses incurred with this and very often parents are self employed so have no means of support when they are unable to work.

It takes many weeks for the social system to be able to help these families through the benefit system, where we are able to react instantly to requests from the social workers (CLIC Sergeant) at RACH and offer small assistance grants.  The families may face additional utility bill costs, additional travel expenses, additional costs for sibling care (to name a few) and all these additional burdens have been made worse with the uncertainty of Covid-19

How you've helped so far…

We received £2000 from the fund in the first round to support the charity in its ability to support local families in Aberdeen who have a child going through cancer treatment.  

We normally give assistance grants of £300 and during lock down we have given out 14 grants to date with the request still coming in at a rate of around 4 per month.  

The grants are to help with a multitude of situations from help with paying utility and food bills to helping with addition travel costs incurred with the required treatment journeys to and from RACH.  

We have also had requests for assistance where the family has an addition cancer scenario within the family, often terminal.

Why we still need your support…

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