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Challenges since COVID

The target group we are seeking funds to work with are the vulnerable and socially isolated - the victims of drug and alcohol misuse and those with mental health and depression challenges. This group have numerous and increased needs ranging from food, toiletries, energy and telephone. Their needs are not currently met due to the fact that some of them cannot go out to the service points.  We run a breakfast club where we provide breakfast and lunch for the Vulnerable (alcohol and drug misuse victims) in Torry Community, but due to financial constraint and covid-19 challenges, this has been discontinued despite the high demand for it from the beneficiaries. They have not been able to access through other existing services.

Another Target group are the pre-teens (ages 8 to 14), due to COVID-19 challenges and the  lockdown, they have not been able to physically attend their social groups. The items needed for their art, crafts and other social group learnings are not provided through food banks and due to financial constraint, we are not able to meet this demand.  

Another Target group are the volunteers, some of the volunteers have had to stop work, as their employers have made them redundant, hence needing support themselves. The volunteers do not have access to any kind of provision to meet their family needs. Our organisation is stretching to meet the needs of the volunteers in order to have them continue their good services.

How you've helped so far…

Jesus House Torry received £2,400 to provide breakfast, lunches, and toiletries for vulnerable and socially isolated people in Torry.

Why we still need your support…

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Any gift you can make, large or small, can have a huge impact on the lives of many. Businesses, associations and private individuals are being urged to support this appeal and donate whatever they can now.