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Challenges since COVID

Our main target group are 24 adults with learning disabilities (apprentices) who currently work at the Bread maker in our Coffee shop and Bakery. The Bread maker provides meaningful employment, training as well as educational and social activities. The apprentices have been unable to attend the Bread maker during the pandemic.

We have organised some online activities and tasks for them during this period, however not all our apprentices have the funds and access to IT technology which would allow them to fully participate with their fellow workers,staff and friends. This leaves them isolated and some distressed in the current lock down restrictions.

As the apprentices are used to attending the bread maker as a day service no other organisation is picking up the task of engagement while our apprentices (adults with a learning disability) are unable to attend the Bread Maker in person.  

Without funding the bread maker does not have the funds to run these additional services dramatically reducing the number of adults with a learning disability the charity can engage with through no fault of our own.

How you've helped so far…

The Bread Maker received £6,400 to provide educational and social activities for adults with learning disabilities. They ensured their 24apprentices had access to IT equipment and ran weekly meetings, keep fit classes, quizzes and streaming practical cooking workshops, which enabled all of their apprentices to keep in touch with each other and helped with their reintegration back to the Bread Maker, in a very different work environment due to the restrictions.

Why we still need your support…

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