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Challenges since COVID

People who are suffering financial hardship during the Covid-19 outbreak. This includes but is not restricted to those experiencing homelessness, addiction, un- or underemployment, poverty, isolation, migrants and refugees, mental health distress, those experiencing domestic violence, human trafficking, those who are shielding or have underlying health conditions, disability or who have recently been released from custody. Existing service provision is usually underfunded, often inaccessible to those living chaotic lives and is often not sufficiently personalised.

How you've helped so far…

The Salvation Army received £3,700 to support people suffering financial hardship due to the crisis, including homeless, unemployed, isolated, migrants and refugees, those experiencing mental health issues, domestic violence, human trafficking, those shielding or recently released from custody. They provided 70 food parcels and30 hot meals weekly for 80-100people.

Why we still need your support…

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Stand with your city

Any gift you can make, large or small, can have a huge impact on the lives of many. Businesses, associations and private individuals are being urged to support this appeal and donate whatever they can now.