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Challenges since COVID

Many of our service users have been adversely affected by issues around the Covid-19 outbreak.  They have been unable to access our facilities as we were closed for over three months.  This has led to increased energy usage at home, less access to food via our food bank or Fareshare provision, no computer or phone access meaning those on Universal Credit are not easily able to update their journal entries or maintain contact with their work coaches.  

We have been assisting individuals financially by topping up their energy prepayment cards and mobile phones ensuring they are able to heat their homes, carry out essential personal hygiene and laundry, and to keep their phones operational to ensure essential contact with JobCentre, healthcare providers and families.

How you've helped so far…

Tillydrone Community Flat received £2000 to provide gas and electric top ups, phone top ups and food parcels. They supported 125people, including 12 families struggling with additional cost of children being at home, and enabled people to keep in contact with benefit providers and support services.

Why we still need your support…

Tillydrone Community Flat is a hub for community activity in the area. We provide adult learning opportunities, support and advice with welfare and benefits issues, and always a cup of tea and a chat.

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Stand with your city

Any gift you can make, large or small, can have a huge impact on the lives of many. Businesses, associations and private individuals are being urged to support this appeal and donate whatever they can now.