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Challenges since COVID

Those in need can find it difficult to manage family life with a vulnerable child or children in their care, and all of these issues are compounded significantly by COVID-19. Further, this particular group can be difficult to engage due to a range of other issues and dynamics, making it a challenging to get supports to them.

This funding would be used to enhance family based positive experiences for the children and the family once the current restrictions have been lifted. As noted above, many of the  families experience significant financial stress and this is made worse during the current crisis. This means that activities, outings and fun experience as a family are often not achievable and this adds to the stress of the family and the child.

How you've helped so far…

Who Cares? Scotland received £10,000 to provide family based positive experiences for care experienced children and young people, many of whom faced additional challenges of lockdown and restrictions. The funding was used primarily for memory making for these children during this time, and to provide opportunities to develop and improve their immediate circumstances in meaningful ways. They also used this funding to purchase winter clothing, such as coats and boots, for young people with no other avenue to purchase items. An additional £5,000 was awarded to provide Care Experienced young people with reliable internet and web-based connection. They supported 62 children and young people and 35 families.

Why we still need your support…

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Stand with your city

Any gift you can make, large or small, can have a huge impact on the lives of many. Businesses, associations and private individuals are being urged to support this appeal and donate whatever they can now.